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Friday, January 28, 2011

Here I am

semua xkenal saye ag ek...
coz im new ..
btw.. thx for following me :)

As u all know ..

I am Shiety Myra Chubbyra
From Sg Petani, Kedah..
Luv chatting and make friends..
Last year i am studying in foundation studies @ uITM Puncak AlaM selangor..
Now Im in UNIKL MESTECH carrying my degree in Bachelor Of CLinical LAb Science HONs
Simple, Luving and caring girl
Also cheerful persOn
Spectacles n bookworm type Ones haha..
status : still finding soMeOne haha..
not found yet haha..
perhaps someday hope so..

Fav :
music : all kinds, nashid, maher zain,pop rock and mix, macam2 la..
food : Luv MUmy dishes, :P Laksa, Wedges, Char Hor Fun(hav a try!)others yg tasty
colOur : pink, blue, green, turqoise, black, white n purple :)

whadaya wanna ask more??
no idea la...

btw, let me introduce my family ...
Im the oldest One.. sooo.. Im the big Sister in My family wahahha..

NIe my adeik.. secOnd Ones
alsO spectacles
hiS short name is mI..
a nOtty bOy
jahat ! never listen to parent advices!
apapOwn he ttp my family soo
hopefully he can changed his attitude.. haha
kdg2 ok gak la kawan ngn adk nakal cmnie..
pandai eng.. leh la ajaq cOm used ckit2 kat ak
ermm tagged prof pn dy yg introduce to me...dats good haha..:)

Up oNes is mY thIrd Ones childish Boy..
mmg mcm bebudak..
u can call him edDy
keje nak tGok kartUn je n Read Manga
2 jer..
For not too be spoilt mum n dad let him stay at Boarding skewl waahaha
2 la... nak conqUer lappy 24 jam sangat .. padan muka!!

LAST oNE iS My Youngest long differ range borntime..
she is Ina.. the oNly girl that can mad3 me smiles..
sometimes she also a bit Naughty girl
pernah skali 2 dy bley delete my pic without my permissioN!!
bengang gile saya masa 2!nasib dy just little girl .. law x da lame saya lecture her everyday.. bru dy taw..

DAt it my family..
abOut my parent..
One day la saya cta as i must ask them lu b4 nk publish cta dwg..
ye la takut nti dwg xska la publish ngaroT2 sai dwg hehe.. (nice girl)

takat nie je la saya shared..
hope perkenalan nie xterhenti di sini saje..
follow2 me ok! thx.. :)

Byra Shie..

Thanks for reading ! Do drop some comments!

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