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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celebration of Prophet's Birthday by MESTECHIAN

   Ittihad At-Tolabah Al-Islamiyyah Al-Islahiyyah or ISLAH Assocciation together with Rakan Masjid has organized ‘SAMBUTAN MAULIDUR RASUL 1433H PERINGKAT MESTECH’. This event was held from 15th – 23rd February 2012 (22 Rabiu’l Awal – 1 Rabiu’l Akhir 1433H). This was the first event organized by the ISLAH Association in this semester. The theme for this event was ‘Persefahaman Asas Perpaduan Ummah’. All students and staffs were encouraged to be involved in this program. Several programs have been organized which were quiz, creative banner, procession and ‘ceramah’. Only quiz and creative banner were held as competition for students to participate.

For creative banner competition, the registration date has been opened from 13rd February to 20th February 2012. Throughout the week, one day was chosen which was on 18th February 2012 for participants to design and painted their own banner at ‘Dewan KIAM’. This competition was compulsory for students from all courses according to their semester. There were 10 groups of participants. The winner was 4th semester BCLS students, the first runner-up was 4th semester BEHC students and the second runner-up was 2nd semester BEHC students. The marks were given based on creativity, beauty and theme.

On 22th February 2012, quiz competition which was held at LH3 started at 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm. The participants were grouped into 6 groups by pairing them according to their semester. This quiz was divided into three sessions. On the first session, the participants were asked to answer the questions on the paper provided. The second session was MCQ type which required the participants to choose the correct answer whether A, B or C according to the question on the slide show and for the last session, only 4 groups left after the other two groups have been expelled based on their collected marks before. The participants have to choose one from five envelopes that contained questions and answered verbally by presenting their ideas on stage. The first prize went to TDP JUST students, the second prize for 4th semester BEHC and DBLT students and the third prize was 4th semester BCLS and BEHC students.

On 23rd February 2012, here came the most exciting event which was the procession.  As early as 8.00 am, everyone has gathered in front of the Front Office of MESTECH and were ready to start. This procession involved all the students and staffs.  ‘Selawat’ was recited and banner was brought along the journey. After the procession has been done, all the students were given some food and drinks. Later, ‘ceramah’ was given by Ustaz Muhammad Asri Bin Azmi from Maktab PDRM Kuala Lumpur.  The talk started at 10.30 am at LH3 and LH4. The topic for this talk was ‘Seandainya Rasulullah Bersama Kita’ or in Arabic version was ‘Lau Kana Bainana’. The objective of the talk were somewhat achieved, Ustaz Asri gave a very good talk to be shared with us, mainly about Nabi Muhammad s.a.w and his good manners, his history and what will we do if we can see him. The talk was awesome as the invited guest managed to attract everyone by inserting humor in his speech. After the talk, our Dean, Prof. Dr. Rahim Md. Noah was invited to inaugurated the closing ceremony of this ‘Maulidur Rasul’ event.

In conclusion, this program was running smoothly and successfully with the full commitment given by each member of ISLAH and Rakan Masjid. Objectives and aims of ‘Sambutan Maulidur Rasul 1433H Peringkat Mestech’ that were to celebrate Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. birthday and to allow the students to realize that Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. is the perfect role model were achieved. Lastly, in future, hopefully this report can be a useful reference and guidance for any upcoming events to be held.

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